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About Us

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Start your journey in the 

comfort of your home

Empowered Speaks allows the therapy room to be anywhere.  As a  client, you can log in from the comforts of their home or anywhere else. The only requirement is that you have a secure quiet location that will allow you to have a session uninterrupted. You, the client, are in control of the location and can bring therapy right to your doorstep.  Empowered Speaks provides a HIPPA compliant platform and will work with the client to meet the HIPPA requirements. 

Words from a client

I am really grateful for my sessions with Ranada because she has really helped me be able to speak open and honestly about certain subjects in my life.

I have experienced significant growth in areas in my life that I thought were helpless and never going to change. She has helped me not only see and believe the change but maintain it.

I'm thankful that we have created a trust between us and I know that she really believes in me and is listening to my concerns. 


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